Three children were playing in their new house, running and laughing like time did not exist. I have always wondered what the kids think, living in fantasy; I am not sure if it could be scarier than reality.

They were just playing, like any other time before, but this time they found something new to play with, like some kind of pet. Their parents had a lot of work, moving is a little bit exhausting sometimes, but at least their kids were not getting in the way. Anyway, their parents are not so important, we must pay attention to what the kids found.

There was a big backyard, beautiful we could say, and with a little bit of mystery. The three children stunned immediately when they got in that kind of paradise, like charmed by some strange magic. There they found it, a big water well just in the corner of the beautiful backyard.

The three children, enchanted by its greatness, decided to know how deep it was by throwing a coin inside the well. They could not hear anything, not a sound, but they could see something moving, alive.

The water well had a bucket, for their surprise, and as the kids were very curious they let it go down, they wanted to know more. When the bucket came back, the coin was there with a little message: “I need no coins, I’m hungry.

They read it and then they ran, I could not say if they were scared or not. The next day they went back there, with slices of bread, with the desire of feeding their new friend, the message they got now was accompanied by some bronze coins and it said: “Truly amazing, the flavor of the bread was just great. Thank you, I want more.”

The three children seemed to get excited more and more with the big goal to feed their special friend, so the next day they got pieces of juicy meat to give. They looked happy taking care of their new friend, this time the message they got was accompanied by some silver coins and it said: “Really awesome, meat was incredibly fine. Thank you, I want more.”

This time someone saw them feeding their friend. There was a little kid besides the three little children, their neighbor. That day he was observing everything by his window and the mysterious magic of the water well made him want to know more. He was so intrigued that he waited till the night to go there and see who was living into that darkness. Such was his curiosity that he decided to go down and see what was inside.

The next day, when the three little kids went back to feed their friend they found the bucket inside the water well; they did not know what had happened. When they pulled the rope to see the bucket, they found a message accompanied by some gold coins and it said: “This time you really amazed me, it was a delicious meal, human flesh was incredible. Thank you, I want more.”


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